HBP League Play Brief

Historical Baseball Project

Play Brief

Please note that this brief is in fact deliberately brief. If you need additional help, please e-mail someone in the league.

League Structure

The league is a stock team replay league. For simplicity purposes, we do not follow trades. Players are placed on the team where they had the most PA/IP

Each team will play all of his home games. The commish will play all home games for the computer managed teams. Games vs human managed teams will use your opponent's computer manager profile and your opponent's pitching rotation.

Your Computer Manager Profile and Rotation

Using your SOM Game, update the computer manager profile of your team to your preferences, setting lineups, etc. You can fill in the Starting Pitcher Schedule as you go or go ahead and complete it at the beginning of the season (since starting pitchers are limited only by starts, one can set the rotation for the year, and not change it as long as these starters do not pitch in relief). Use the Export Computer Manager Profile to export your profile.

Playing Games

Games are played from the actual schedule, so to play a game, select play scheduled game, change the game in question from 'hold' to 'manual', and play day.

See the monthly page for a schedule of what games are due on what calendar date.
Zip your game results files (located in your export subdirectory) and your boxscore and PB files. E-mail this file to the league and/or the commish. Also, if desired, include an updated CM file for the coming week. Always save these files in an archive so that you can retransmit if required. Playing ahead is allowed to handle individual situations, etc. Make a file of each reporting week, send them to me, and I'll import them into the league at the appropriate time.

I'll process the stats and e-mail a new *.lzp file each week.

Game Settings we will be using

  • Maximum Level: All except for Improve Statistical Accuracy, Home Field Advantage, Force Daily Injuries, Robbing HR rule and Limit All Injuries to Current Game Only
  • BallPark/YES Weather/YES Clutch Hitting/YES
  • Super Advanced Stealing System
  • Super Advanved Strategy Strategy Charts
  • Use Miscellaneuos Rules
  • Use Closer Rules (except for pre 1980 seasons
  • Use Injuries
  • Use SADV Pitcher Fatigue with pitch count rules
  • Allow GBA on pitcher cards

Lineup and Usage Settings

  • Lineups -> Draft League with no rest
  • Give Scheduled Days Off
  • No Auto Swap-O-Matic
  • Minor Leagues -> Ineligible
  • Overusage -> Ignore Overusage
  • Use 'Super Hal' Computer Manager settings
The intial league roster files will already have the above settings set, but double check to make sure.

Usage Rules:

For pre-1980 seasons: If a Batter has 400+ PA, he is unlimited in his usage.
If less than 400, a batter is limited to 125% of his PA.
(Allowances will be made for catchers)

For post-1980 seasons: If a Batter has 500+ PA, he is unlimited in his usage.
If less than 500, a batter is limited to 125% of his PA.

With the injuries option on, players with fewer at bats will experience longer injuries.

Pitchers with 20+ actual games started are allowed +3 starts.
Pitchers with 10-19 actual games started are allowed +2 starts.
Pitchers with 6-9 actual games started are allowed +1 start
Pitchers with 1-5 actual games started are allowed +0 start
Starting pitchers are restricted only by # of game starts.

If a pitcher appears at anytime in relief, the pitcher is restricted to 125% of his actual innings pitched. Pitchers with 20+ starts may start on 3 days rest as part of a regular 4 man rotation (as used during this time). They are still limited by games started, of course.

Playoff Usage: For Each Series:

  • Unlimited batters are unlimited
  • Limited batters are limited to 10% of their PA
  • Non starting pitchers are limited to 10% of their IP

  • Starting pitchers:
    • Starters with 20+ starts can go on 3-days
    • Starting pitchers are limited to 10% of their actual starts per Series
Turn Injuries OFF for the Playoffs.

Calender and Dates:

HBP updates league stats weekly. Instructions may be updated each week. Each monthly page contains the due dates for scheduled games. Generally, two weeks of scheduled games are due to be played and updated each calendar week. Playing ahead is allowed, up to a calendar month. Thus, the six month baseball season is played in approximately three months (12 weeks) of calendar time.