Welcome to the Historical Baseball Project

Welcome to the HBP Home Page. Here you will find league files and information for the Historical Baseball Project. The league uses the lastest version of Strat-O-Matic Computer Baseball.

Historical Baseball Project

HBP replays past seasons of Major League Baseball.

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"The One Constant through all the Years, has been Baseball...
It reminds us of all that once was good, and could be again."

The emphasis of these leagues is on teams, re: play and game play. Each league plays a season by playing all of the teams in that year (stock teams) and then advances to the next year in chronological order. Most of the teams are managed by humans and we utilize the power of the computer to play all of the remaining teams. This gives the league a solid replay flavor, with stats and expectations which are similar to the year played (your ace pitcher will still be an ace, as he was for the team that year, not buried by an avalanche of superstars). Human managers select and replay a stock team for that year. From year to year, players may retain their team, or change to a new team (selection in reverse order).

Games are played at human managers' sites, with results uploaded and this site updated with league stats each week. Leagues play approximately 1/2 of a season's month in a calendar week, thus the replay season lasts 3 calendar months.

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    Created: April 19, 1998